Maintaining an app is the main part of an app success. We track download, ratings, user path and bugs.

A mobile app has to evolve and offer new features to its loyal users, but especially updates mobile platforms to exploit the performance of new Operating Systems and their new features.

From the design stage, this constraint that characterize the mobile app is to consider and the first production start is only the beginning of a very specific life cycle.

With its experience on applications also acquired by hundreds of thousands of users, Neopixl offers key support in hand, ensuring technical and social monitoring via users community.

Based on a monthly report, we offer a detailed analysis of your applications on stores including in particular:

  • historical track of downloads
  • chronological monitoring of ratings on stores by your users
  • a count and a selection of the most relevant comments
  • a detailed report of the devices used in the audience of your users
  • expectations about possible updates
  • recommendations for improvement and new features
  • track crashes with their resolutions


This comprehensive report allows you to make the right decisions and your users best satifaire, retain and make sure that your application is not uninstalled or no more used because neglected.

Subscribe to our Appcare to give a second life to your apps and do not leave them abandoned. Users are demanding and you have to be responsive to their request by avoiding the snowball effect of bad ratings and reviews.

For a perfect tracking, we guide you in setting up Analytics tools. Better understand your audience and analyze in detail the use of mobile applications for the best and make them profitable is now essential. At Neopixl we know to prepare mobile applications Analytics reporting but also we help you in the useful report design to your business.

We are equipped with latest generation tools to create these reports of great value and we rely on our Android and iOS experience to give you the best advice.

A nice app is 50% of success for the remaining 50% there is the AppCare.